Domain Management Services

Take the worry out of domain registrations and renewals. The HostNode support team can help you find the perfect domain for your business. Let us acquire it on your behalf and ensure renewals happen on time.

Systems development & Integrations

Our systems analysts are here to listen to your needs and prescribe the perfect combination of solutions for your unique business. Everything from e-commerce to content management, and all the plug-ins to your favourite existing tools. We have the tools and know-how to maximize your internet presence.

Web Design and branding

Every company should have it's own look and feel. We can design your customer-facing website front end to match your corporate identity, and represent your company, products, and services using the most modern methods available. We can do more than just put your business online; we'll make you STAND OUT.

Website hosting & dedicated servers

Every solution needs somewhere to live. We allocate and provide super-fast server space that you can expand and contract to best suit your business needs. You don't have to move and rebuild if your business goes viral. We can easily increase your server size so you can focus on new clients.

Search Engine Optimisation

This is all about getting free traffic from Google (and other search engines). It has a lot to do with your content and the research that went in to what your customers are typing when they search. There are also other factors such as page speed and whether your site is mobile friendly. We do overhauls. We do new project strategy. We do ongoing development.

Social Networking

Content is king. If you can create content that gets people excited enough to share it, then your online brand will indeed see the benefit. We can translate your ideas and individuality as a company, into an online persona that looks great on Facebook and beyond. Every good digital business should leverage the potential of the enormous social sites where almost everybody gathers.

Pay per click advertising

If you can generate income online, a great way to compound that success is to reinvest a portion into pay per click traffic such as Google Adwords products. Whether it's to appear on local map results, at the top of page 1 for your chosen search term, or on the Google Shopping tab, we can design and tailor a program that fits your advertising budget!

Business development consultancy

This is really the oversight of your entire project. We know that if you do well, you will expand your systems, upgrading as your business grows. With our careful oversight we can perform periodic reviews and report back with our suggestions and guidance to keep you moving forward, and help you deal with any obstacles.

Marketing & Design

Your business needs to boldly claim it's place in the market. It's up to you to identify the target audience, user demographic, and budget. We make it our job to tailor specific 'outside the box' unique marketing campaigns utilising multiple traffic sources that will maximise your time and budget while creating a memorable brand.

Contact Hostnode’s team and let's start working on your next project together!