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We live in turbulent times. It’s never been harder to compete. Small businesses and startups have to navigate a very technical world, and every task distracts you from running your business.

An army of hungry developers is waiting to baffle you with jargon and hide behind technology they know you don’t understand, while they rapidly absorb your budget with complete disregard for your need to make a return on your investment.

A sea of choices faces you; whether it’s your content management system, your e-commerce platform, or your method of digital advertising. How can any small business be expected to quickly and efficiently enter this space?

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At Hostnode, we are passionate about one thing. Getting your services working for YOU.

We understand you don’t have time to get a second education in tech. We know you just want to run your business. We appreciate that your funds for development are limited, and when deployed, you expect to get your money back and more with it.

“HostNode have been a our go-to guys fot a while now, for anything technical we can’t do in-house. This season they helped us to avoid bankruptcy by converting our local garden centre to an online seller doing deliveries so that we could continue doing business during lockdown. Thanks guys for pulling out all the stops under the time-critical circumstances.”

Sophie Stares
Mount Folly Nurseries

Enter Magento

We've done it all a hundred times. Let us select the best systems. Let us install and configure them. Let us customise designs so they match your corporate branding. Let us guide you on how to gather the necessary data to affordably build your company’s very own Magento2 e-commerce business website. We'll upload your data and help you reach potential customers.

Select from one of our entry level packages that are guaranteed to satisfy a range of important first steps in building an online foundation for your business. These packages are designed to be affordable yet fully functional, whilst also providing a clear path for ongoing improvements through carefully curated enhancement products. Even the “BASIC” package will provide you with a stunning, modern and user-friendly machine for taking orders and payments.

Whether your mission is success or simply survival, adding a Magento2 website to your arsenal may be one of the best decisions you ever make for your business. Business is about creating a path that connects your customers to your business... and today, we do this online.

Your customers are looking for you right now. Let HostNode help them find you.

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